Textura - Conceptual Fashion Projection Mapping

The project is installation art which is a platform for central stories of two Eritrean men who have been interviewed by Moran. The stories are accompanied by sound and animation and are screened on a human body whose identity is unknown. The drawings are actually textures, the design of which has been inspired by African fabrics. The textures are combined with texts and are made of geometrical shapes whose movement tells the story which is screened on the fabric. The technique chosen to create the movie is felt tips drawings. The manual drawing resembles the frame of mind of the African population, and the multicolored nature of the project creates a contrast to the terrible experiences the interviewees have been through. The garments have been designed by fashion designer that based in London. The garments design have been inspired by tents which resemble the long way the refugees have made and the separation from home, and the story of their journey is told in the background. The figure's face is covered as identification with the refugees who cannot obtain citizenship in Israel.

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